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Live Burn Training - SCFA
Saturday, March 14, 2009

On Saturday - March 14, 2009 Pennsville Fire and Rescue Company No. 1 conducted their first Live Burn training for 2009. The Drill consisted of multi-room and multi-floor live fire evolutions. Additionally Search and Rescue evolutions were conducted in conjunction with the live fire evolutions to accurately simulate real fire ground operations. Yearly Live Burn training is required for all Primary Interior Firefighters, but all members are encouraged to attend. Firefighter Jimmy Endres Jr. completed his final step of Phase 3 training during this training session and was promoted to Primary Firefighter and awarded a Black Shield. Congratulations and Thanks to Jimmy for all his hard work and dedication to the Pennsville Fire Department. Special thanks to the following Station 5 Life Members for attending this training and providing their hands-on knowledge and skills to the overall attending membership: Chuck Kidwell Jeff Maddocks Mike Toms

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