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Pennsville Fire & Rescue's service to the people of the township began April 15, 1924. Prior to the organization of the fire company, the only means of fire protection the townspeople had was a "Bucket Brigade". The nearest organized fire company was in Salem, 6 miles away.

A concerned citizen of the community, Mr. Jere A. English, recognized the need for an organized fire company. He aroused the interest in other townspeople after discussing his idea with them after a business meeting of the Knights of Pythias. Many of them shared his interest and concern.

The first meeting to organize a fire company was held April 9, 1924, with the help of Chief Oscar Smith and Chief Frank Morris of the Salem fire company. Jere English was selected to be chairman until a permanent group of officers were elected.

On April 25, 1924 an ordinance was adopted by the Township Committee to establish, maintain, regulate and control a fire department. June 11, 1924, permanent officers were elected. W.W. Weatherby, Chief; Leon Elmer, 1st Assistant Chief; Harry Zaiser, 2nd Assistant Chief; and Howard Stepler, President. There were sixteen active members.

The biggest problem faced was finances. Funds were raised by house to house canvassing, public dinners and tagging people in automobiles for donations.

The Township Committee purchased a Stewart Hale fire truck, September 24, 1924 for the sum of $5,000.00. It was housed in the Town Hall after the building was strengthened. The lower floor was the firehouse while township committee met upstairs. The library was located on the second floor also. The second truck purchased was a 1939 Hale Pumper. The fire company and equipment was housed in the old Town Hall until a new firehouse was built and dedicated on June 6, 1959.

As a result of a drowning in the township, the Lower Penns Neck Emergency Squad was founded in 1939. They were given a 1929 Buick ambulance by the DuPont Co. Chambers Works. Although the Squad was a separate organization from the Pennsville Fire & Rescue Co. 1, they shared the same building. It was also a requirement at that time in order for you to become a member of the Squad, you first had to be a member of the Fire Company. In 1967 a vote was taken that resulted in the Emergency Squad becoming part of Fire Co. #1, thus we now have Pennsville Fire & Rescue Co. 1

In July of 1978, footing was dug for the new addition to our station, which currently houses fire apparatus. Trucks were housed in the new addition, Jan. 27, 1979.

The tragic loss of firefighter Wm. C. Zane who was killed in the line of duty happened on August 12, 1979. A permanent memorial was erected and dedicated in the honor of Wm. C. Zane.

The fire company housed our 50' Mack TeleSqurt on June 5, 1982 and our Mack R Series Rescue on August 19, 1989. In April 1996, we took delivery of our 106' Mack Ladder Truck, which is a 1982 refurbished ladder that ran as Truck 30 in the New York City Fire Department. In addition to these pieces of apparatus, the company also operates a 1994 Med-Tech Ambulance, 1998 LifeLine Ambulance and a 1978 Dodge Utility vehicle.